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Terms & Usage Policy 

Welcome to the Zar Store app 

Please read and review these terms and conditions carefully before accessing or using the Zar Store app. 

By accessing and using any part of this website or application, it’s considered you accepted to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of use. 


These terms and conditions of use may be changed from time to time. All changes will be posted on this page, and your use of this Website or Application after such changes are posted will constitute your acceptance of the revised Terms and Conditions of Use and all changes. So you should read this page carefully every time you visit this website or application. 


Advertisement posting rules 

- The advertiser Committed to the following rules:  

  • To add the advertisement in the correct and appropriate classification for it.  
  • The advertiser must categorize and publish advertisements under the appropriate and correct section for each advertisement.  
  • The advertiser must be the owner of the product, good or service.  
  • To add the advertisement with its full details, which includes (product name, high quality images, and correct price).
  • The good or product should be real, existing and owned by the advertiser.  
  • Publish only one advertisement to every good/ product, in case there're multi goods/ products, publish only one advertisement to every good / product.  

Banned ads

- The Advertiser is prohibited from The following:  

  • Publishing advertisements that violate the terms of the application and the laws in force in the advertiser's country.
  • Posting advertisements containing profanity or images that violate public morals, illegal, poor quality, or exaggerate the product.  
  • Publishing advertisements about eavesdropping devices, espionage, and means of inciting the misuse of telephone
  • Selling all kinds of weapons, whether with or without a license.  
  • Selling all pharmaceutical products.  

- The advertiser shall bear any legal accountability or compensation resulting from the infringing advertisements, and the Zar Store application shall be exempted from any accountability.  

- Zar Store administration has the right, in its sole discretion, to ban any advertiser who violates these terms from using the application.  

Membership and Ad Duration

Membership in the Zar Store application is divided into two parts:  

  • Regular membership: The period for publishing and displaying advertisements is 30 days, and after the expiry of the period, the advertisement is deleted and transferred to the archive section for a period of 90 days before the final deletion of the advertisement.  
  • Merchant membership: The duration of publishing and displaying advertisements in this membership varies according to the subscription that is available in three packages, which are 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. After the subscription period expires, the advertisement is deleted and transferred to the archive section for a period of 90 days before the final deletion of the advertisement.  

Financial transactions

- The value of publishing the advertisement for a regular membership is (price) $ valid for 30 days.  

- The value of publishing the advertisement for the merchant’s membership is determined according to the duration of the package the advertiser subscribes to, and after the end of the subscription period, the advertisements expire.  

- A free ad credit (price)$ is added to each user, renewed monthly after its expiry.  

Zar Store Rights 

The Zar Store management reserves the full right to:  

  1. Remove violating ads without informing or compensating the offending advertiser.  
  2. Preventing the violating advertiser from refunding the remaining balance in the subscription.  
  3. Restricting or banning the violating advertiser from using the application, whether temporarily or permanently, in the event of publishing infringing advertisements, adding comments that cause offense to others, or publishing advertisements within private messages.  
  4. Use the images published in the ads as you see suitable.  
  5. Change the prices of memberships and advertisements at any time without prior notice to users.  
  6. Monitor any activity or content on the application, the user is not entitled to print, copy, download or quote any part of our application or content in violation of these terms of use.  
  7. Set its own restrictions to prevent and restrict any person or other third party from linking or quoting any content from this app.  


  • The materials on this website or application, including the information and any content, are protected by copyright, trademark and other forms of proprietary rights. All rights, title and interest in the Contents are owned, licensed or controlled by Zar Store. 


  • ZarStore will also not be liable for any damage or loss of any kind, Whatever caused as a result (direct or indirect) of the use of the Website or Application, including For example but not limited to any damage or loss incurred as a result of reliance on the contents contained in or available from the website or app.