ZAR Store

Zar Store platform to display products, services, crafts, real estate, cars, and jobs. It helps individuals, companies, and projects to show their products, sell and buy easily. The user can also publish an advertisement or create an online store with monthly or annual subscriptions.

Download Zar Store application and you will get a free Balance for your classified ads per month. Start now.

Store plan

Free ads

Each user will get a free credit every month and renew automatically. And create more free ads easily, without any restrictions from your use of the platform.

Classified ads

Classified ads service for individuals and companies by publishing your ad for a specific price that is suitable for everyone. Also, there are charging packages for your account with prices that suit your needs and plan.

Business store subscription

Business stores are stores with determined subscriptions that serve projects, companies, and entrepreneurs to ensure that they stay for a long time in the platform with their customers and trade successfully. An up to a year subscription with advantages of publishing the advertisements which suitable for their business, and we will give the authentication mark to trusted companies.


We aim to support project owners, companies, and individuals to show their products in the appropriate classifications, make it easy to communicate with their customers, and facilitate Ecommerce to enhance their trade and sell their products through a platform built according to the latest international standards that meet all the needs of a successful trade.

Download the app

Download the Zar Store application and you will get a free balance for your classified ads per month.

Start now buying, selling, and shopping through Zar Store.